The lightest water in Europe
Lauretana Mineral Water
Let’s preserve the purity
Lauretana is a gift from nature

Lauretana water comes from the glaciers of Monte Rosa range and, before seeing the light, flows very deeply in the heart of the mountains in an ancient granite bed which preserves its exceptional purity. Lauretana water is a special gift from nature, we are well aware of this. For this reason, our task is to maintain its purity in order to offer it intact to our customers, from the mountains to their homes.

Pure, crystalline, light: Lauretana water is
which accompanies you throughout your life
Lauretana is the ideal water for those who have chosen a healthy and balanced life style. Thanks to its 14 mg/l of fixed residue which determines its record-breaking result, but not only. Its excellent characteristics offer a well-being experience to those who drink it: on the table, at the office or during your sports activity. In short : Lauretana water is a life partner you can rely on for the correct daily hydration for adults and children.