Our history

Simply an "exceptional" water

The source of Lauretana water was discovered more than half a century ago by Teresio Rossello, while walking in the mountains in the locality Caruzza (1050 meters above sea level), in the municipality of Graglia (BI). By chance he discovered the source and decided to drink the water of that natural and unpolluted territory and he immediately felt a sensation of pleasure and well being. If the source of Lauretana was discovered fortuitously, from that moment on nothing was left to chance. Teresio Rossello brought a sample of water to analyze and the answer he received from the Technical Institute Quintino Sella from Biella is still remembered "This water is simply exceptional!". The following and more extensive exams from the Chemistry Institute of the University of Turin confirm the exceptional purity and lightness of Lauretana water.

From Biella Alps to the "top" of the world

The first plant was built at about 850 meters high not far from the source, to maintain the original purity of the water unaltered. The bottling activity started in 1965: the precious water discovered by Teresio Rossello is thus offered also to the public and is named Lauretana, chosen in honor to the black Madonna from Loreto, worshipped in the near Graglia Shrine. From that moment on, the Firm has grown exponentially, from a small local reality into a top brand one in the international panorama in the Food&Beverage sector.