Well-being spring

Lauretana is premium brand in the Beverage world thanks to its purity. The water comes from the hydrogeological area of Monte Rosa glacier, 4.600 meters high dominating the border between Italy and Switzerland, it is situated in an unpolluted area more than 1000 meters above sea level, without any industrial and agricultural settlements.

The purity of this gift from Mother Nature is also enriched by another crucial geological factor: indeed before seeing the light Lauretana water flows underground, very deeply, passing through an ancient granite bed which protects all its organoleptic qualities, maintaining it microbiologically pure. The granite rocks do not release mineral salts so that they determine in this way the low fixed residue (14 mg/l) which gives Lauretana its undisputed lightness.

To preserve this purity in the best way and deliver it intact to our customers, Lauretana water is bottled not far from the source, through a process of “natural gravity“ which permits not to alter or destroy its vital molecules. In other words: Lauretana gushes out pure and its customers receive it in all its purity to be the source of their well-being.