For Sport

Sport is constituted by objectives and to reach them it is necessary to take care of each of them to improve performance and transform passion for the discipline into a real opportunity of well-being. Undoubtedly one of the most important aspects is about the correct hydration, because when you are thirsty it is already too late. In this case, your body is already dehydrated and the performance may be compromised.

During the activity it is important to drink Lauretana water, faithful partner for a sportsman/sportswoman, with a certain regularity. It must be calculated in proportion to the intensity and duration of the physical activity, besides the climate condition and the physical characteristics of the person (e.g. body mass). As you can see there are a lot of factors and, in the case of competitive activity, it is advisable to develop an appropriate schedule, preferably realized by experts in the field.

Doctor Marco Neri, member of the Scientific Committee Italian Fitness Federation, identifies two simple and useful steps for the hydration activity of the sportsman/sportswoman with Lauretana water:

   • It is necessary to start a training session already well hydrated. The aim is to develop actions concerning the consumption of liquids throughout the day fitting the usual requirements of liquids and the additional losses resulting from the physical activity in warm climates.

   • It is necessary to create a hydration plan aimed at the training and the competition, based on several information, such as losses of sweat, opportunity of drinking and feedback of the same athletes about their sensations of comfort and their thirst. Besides the real losses of sweat during the training sessions and a successful hydration plan should be monitored.

A detailed study for the athletes, different waters in different times of the day : medical report ( document .pdf ) ay ESNS , European Sport Nutrition Society.