Lauretana, Your water, at any time of the day

Pure directly bottled at the source, to maintain intact all its organoleptic characteristics and without any risk of pollution.

Light The classification of the mineral water depends on the quantity of residue of the salts, the so-called fixed residue. It is measured after boiling the water at 180 degrees: what is left, expressed in milligrams per liter, is the quantity of salts characterizing it. With only 14 milligrams of dissolved solids per liter, Lauretana water is extremely light, the natural alternative to the hard waters and also to those mineral waters with a high concentration of salts. No mineral or spring water in Europe has got so low values!

Did you know that only 35% of inorganic materials present in the waters are bioavailable? This means that the quantity of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium dissolved in the water are really low and do not have any role in taking minerals to the human body. It is correct to assimilate the precious minerals by other food sources such as vegetable, cereals, legumes, whose bioavailability is wider*

Healthy Thanks to its very low concentration of salts, the complete absence of heavy metals, such as uranium and arsenic, and the scarcity in sodium, it is indicated for the whole family and it is advised for the hypertensives, for those who suffer from heart failure, chronic kidney failure, cellulite and water retention as well as for children’s diet and the preparation of powdered milk, since it does not alter the value of nutritional element.

Green, red or blue Lauretana is natural, sparkling or mild.

* Report “Water and Integration“ edited by Doctor Giancarlo Levra Specialist in Medical Pneumology and Hydrology Professor Graduate School in Medical Hydrology University of Pisa Vice-President AAMIITTF (Italian Association of Hydroclimatology, Thalassology and Physical Therapy)