For early childhood

During pregnancy and breastfeeding the need of liquids increases. To hydrate therefore is extremely important for the well-being of mothers and their children.

The dietary values of reference of EFSA, European Authority for food safety recommend the consumption of 300 ml extra per day during pregnancy and 700 ml extra per day during breastfeeding.

Lauretana water is indicated for the new mothers and their children for its extraordinary purity. Real water of well-being, it accompanies the little ones during their first steps towards autonomy already in the phase of weaning.

Moreover, in case breast feeding is not possible, Lauretana water is also indicated for the dilution of powdered milk.

For growing up

The Italian Society for human Nutrition has published LARN report indicating the parameters to rely on for a correct daily hydration. The chart below indicates the advised quantity of water throughout a whole day for each age range.

Daily consumption of reference for the Italian population:
Adequate consumption
  Age (years) Water (ml)
Newborns 0,5-0,99 900
Children 1-3 1200
  4-6 1400
  7-10 1800
Teenagers 11-14 M 2000 - F 1900
  15-17 M 2500 - F 2000
Adults 18-29 M 2500 - F 2000

As you can see the water need gradually increases as you grow up. The choice of the right water is therefore fundamental since the beginning to follow the children in their most delicate moment, the development one, where the nutritious aspects greatly affect on their structure.

Thanks to its purity and lightness, Lauretana water is a faithful partner for the mothers who have chosen also for their children a life-style based on well being and take care of each detail.